Wow, already four weeks into Sato Sail club! It’s been a firehose of information. How do we stay up-to-date? How do we learn more, and support the club?

Latest Information

Our new website URL is easy to remember. The goal is to be easy enough for everyone to share so we can distribute the work and always have the most up-to-date information and news.

Most of the dynamic information that changes frequently, such as carpools or events, is in our :file_folder: Shared folder. However, news will be posted on the website, much like a blog. If you use a news reader, such as a tablet or phone, please subscribe to our RSS feed. Otherwise, just check the website periodically. We’ll have updates as news happens.

The website is hosted on Github. It’s a static website that contains the links to our Shared folder (which is Google Drive), news, and eventually other information that doesn’t change much. Want to help with the website? Github is free, and used by open source developers to share their projects. If any of our sailors code, even just a little, they’re encouraged to add and edit the website. The repository is in the footer. Need help? Please ask!

Weekend Practices

Sep 29 Nikhil & Diego discovered we can charter boats on the weekend. So they did homework on Saturday Sep 30, then rode bikes down to practice together for a few hours on Sun Oct 1. They’re trying to coordinate another time this Sunday Oct 8 to go practice. It’d be fun if others joined this weekend, or next. Sailors should reach-out to each other to coordinate and make this happen.

Fund Raising

Check out our folder :moneybag: Fund Raising! Let’s all have fun and help reduce costs for the club.

Why? In addition to individual costs, the club has costs too. Everything costs money. Fund raising can lower or potentially eliminates extra costs. Team rash guards, pinnies, jackets, bags, etc. Regatta registration. Memberships to PCISA and SCYYRA (so we can sail in regatta’s). If we raise enough, we might even be able to lower or eliminate the cost of individual ABYC registration. We’re finalizing the club charter and then need our IRS Tax-ID, bank account, etc, but things are moving fast.

In the meantime, if by Oct 22 every sailor could find an organization to donate or host a profit-sharing event, such as a dinner fund raiser, it’d help! It would prepare us and get the gears going to pay for upcoming costs. (Check the Leads folder to find out what’s already been accomplished).

Questions? Concerns? Ideas?

Please, reach out to Mike Stewart or Kelly Dale. Use our contact folder to find a phone number or email. Alternatively, school loop email works too.