Early Friday Practice

Friday Holiday + Time Change = Early Friday Practice

First, since there is no school on Friday, everyone will need to figure out how to get to practice. Since time changed this week, we’re robbed of an hour on the water every day. If you can make an early practice, come down by 2p. We’ll rig some boats and get on the water ASAP. Let’s identify some areas where we have weakness and help each other improve.


Saturday and Sunday is Anteater Regatta at NHYC (same venue as SoCal #1, and race is in same area as SoCal #2). Please note these regatta’s are a different format than the SoCal competitions. Team A wil race in morning races. Team B will race in the afternoon using the a shared boat. Our final score is calculated by combining results of Team A & Team B.

Lunch Saturday & Sunday


  • We have five (5) tickets for sailors for the hosted BBQ lunch on Saturday. (We can buy more onsite)
  • We have three (3) tickets for Sunday (Ugh! Apparently mixed up which day we can buy more lunches :frowning:).

Parents & Spectators

  • The upper deck of the Barney Lehman (temporary clubhouse boat) is reserved for those dining with the club, please make a reservation and have lunch with us! 949-673-7730
  • Pop-up tents will be permitted in marked areas of the boatyard only. Space is limited. Please no tents larger than 10’X10’
  • Bring your lawn chairs and get comfy on our docks! Tables on the beach are available if you feel compelled to do homework, or feel free to bring your own.


  • Team A: Nikhil Stewart, Diego Lockyer
  • Team B (Sat): Dextin Sparrevohn, Elissa Martinez
  • Team B (Sun): Troy Davidson, Owen Smith