Bad news for Sato Sailing. Not quite three weeks after formation and still learning PCISA organization, we goofed. Sato did not register for the event prior to the entry deadline. While preparing for our second regatta, the assumption was that deadlines were all the same; a week prior to the event. It turns out that assuming is unreliable. Who knew? :smirk:


So, we’ve learned it’s important to check the NOR (Notice of Race) in advance, and then read the full document. For Sea Otter this was at the bottom of the first page in a section titled Registration.


A team may register by submitting an online entry form. An online entry is available on the PCISA website (pcisa.hssailing.org/event/registration/sea-otter). All entries must be received by 1700 hours Friday, September 29th, 2017. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Organizing Authority.

In this case the Organizing Authority is PCISA and MPYC. We requested PCISA to grant us an exception. They declined. Even though we were less than a day late! Sound like any teachers we know? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What We Learned

We need to know how the PCISA organization works and the language they use. So, what’s an NOR? It’s an acronym for Notice of Race. In the section of the PCISA website: https://pcisa.hssailing.org/ titled “Upcoming Events,” the NOR is listed next to REG, which is short for Registration.

How do we avoid repeating this mistake? Stay up-to-date on PCISA happenings. Eveyone can help with this. Parents. Sailors. Perhaps even family or friends. The easiest way is to stay up to date with latest news is to join the PCISA mailing list, and help us avoid these types of mishaps in the future.

Lessons learned. We’ll be prepared next time.