The next regatta on our calendar is in Mission Bay (San Diego). This is an “away” requiring a couple hours of travel. Some of us thought it’d be fun to try to stay in the same hotel (or at least close to each other), for the regatta, and perhaps have a team dinner or another fun outing the Saturday before. Let’s figure out who’s going! If you haven’t already, please sign-up.

Not sure if you’re signed up? You can always check the Regatta Participation spreadsheet, which is in our shared folder. It lists all responses from the sign-up form.

UPDATE 11/29: Info About SoCal #3

This is our first, and possibly easiest away regatta. That means no Friday towing to a far-away destination, late night hotel check-in, then up early for sailing on Saturday. Instead, this outing should be an easy getaway that should prove a lot of fun for anyone that goes.

Let’s travel down to San Diego on Saturday. When depends on your personal schedule, but the more the merrier. Let’s try to explore SD together and have an outing as a team. Then we can stay the night in a hotel near Mission Bay Yacht Club (MBYC). The hope is for enough parents to travel so we can also provide a safe, fun, chaperoned environment for all sailors that want to go; its unlikely all parents can make it. It’s also a good opportunity to help the kids gain some independence and responsibility while having fun together as a team.


:file_folder: SoCal3 Planning Folder

Please let us know if you’re coming, so we can try to arrange room/group discount at a hotel, and plan some activities. All help in organizing, adding additional ideas, changes, etc. in our planning document/folder is encouraged! Especially trip activity ideas! Let’s make the most of it and have fun together!

Activities and Ideas

Ideas and details need to be fleshed out. Please help. Go for it… and if you see something you have an idea on, use a “comment” in the document. If you’re not sure how, please reach out to Mike.

Examples: Lunch, Dinner, Touristy sightseeing not-to-be-missed stuff, College campus tours, etc.