UPDATE1: Sea Otter Regatta Oct 13-14

Team Hanging out at firepit after a fun practice before CSUMB Sea Otter Regatta Team Hanging out at firepit after a fun practice before CSUMB Sea Otter Regatta

Update Info

Watch this post for updates regarding the Sea Otter regatta at Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club (MPYC). Sailors even if you're not attending, please don't forget to use the :triangular_flag_on_post: Regatta Sign-up.

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  • MPYC Info
  • Weather & Wind info, and more


Our team will (mostly) be staying at the Super 8 in Monterey.

Scoring & Rotations

Parents and other interested parties can access Regatta Results and Rotations on

Spectating and Team Camps

We will launch and rotate from the beach just north of the Pier. Often the best place to watch the racing is at the end of the pier. Tents, awnings, chairs, banners, etc. are not allowed on the pier. Spectators only! Please keep walkways and roads clear and navigable at all times for all guests to the pier. Team Camps, tents, banners, etc. can be set up on the beach but PLEASE do not block access for the boats from the storage area to the water. Trash and recycling containers will be set up near the Beach House. Please walk up and use them, and don’t overstuff the small trash containers near the bathrooms!

Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club

This is a very small (but really cool) clubhouse and basically we cannot all be inside at the same time. Each school should designate not more than a couple people to handle registration inside the club on Saturday morning. There are buckets just outside the entrance and everyone is asked to wash the sand off your feet before entering the club. The skippers meeting will occur just outside the club entrance in the open area between Sapporo Restaurant and the Yacht Club . Of age adults are welcome in the Club Bar. Competitors and coaches are encouraged to enjoy the free continental breakfast. Please clean up your area and make seating available to others when you are finished. Please use the public bathrooms at the beach.

Please, no loud music on the beach, and no offensive lyrics! Please leave dogs and other pets at home.

This regatta is really what sailing should be all about. Great competition on the water, great team building during the travel and while enjoying an awesome location, and a great opportunity to meet new people, see old friends and enjoy one of the world’s most storied destinations. Please enjoy, respect and remember! THANKS!

Update#2: Wind & Weather

Windfinder: Monterey Peninsula Wharf 2

Monterey Peninsula Municipal Warf

Weekend Tide Info

Tide Info

Willy Weather

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De-rigging for trip home from SoCal1, Sep 15, 2018 De-rigging for trip home from SoCal1, Sep 15, 2018

Register for Every Regatta

Sailors, even if you don't plan to attend, please use the :triangular_flag_on_post: Regatta Sign-up link to register for every regatta (including SoCal1 last week). It helps with tracking and future planning.

PCISA1: CSUMB Sea Otter, registration deadline is 5pm Friday Sep 28. We need at least four kids to register ASAP! PCISA regatta’s require registration by at least the Friday two weeks prior to the event.

Planning for PCISA1: Sea Otter

Parents, lets coordinate travel. We might have extra kids or coming along hoping to learn and maybe even rotate. The car that tows boats will take at 7 - 8 hours (max speed of 55mph). At a minimum we’ll need to leave after school on Friday. Kids will need to hit the road right after the regatta on Sunday. It’ll be a rush on both sides to get on the road with boats.

There is an opportunity to leave early or stay late if anyone wants to tour Monterey Bay and/or Cal State Monterey Bay. This is especially true of upcoming PCISA Big5 events where colleges often host tours and practices on the Friday beforehand.

more details comeing soon… in the meantime, please share ideas in our planning folder (see sidebar)

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