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:file_folder: SoCal3 Planning Folder

Please register to help us get a headcount. Then reach out with ideas… maybe we can try to arrange room/group discount at a hotel, and plan some activities. All help in organizing, adding additional ideas, changes, etc. in our planning document/folder is encouraged! Especially trip activity ideas! Let’s make the most of it and have fun together!

Activities and Ideas

Ideas and details need to be fleshed out. Please help. Go for it… and if you see something you have an idea on, use a “comment” in the document. If you’re not sure how, please reach out to Mike.

Examples: Lunch, Dinner, Touristy sightseeing not-to-be-missed stuff, College campus tours, etc.

UPDATE: Regatta Information

Sato is sending two boats.

  1. Boat1: Troy Davidson + Elissa Martinez
  2. Boat2: Diego Lockyer + Nate Rodriguez

Nikhil Stewart is also traveling and may provide alternate crew as needed.

Parents: sailors need to be onsite by 8:30a. Boat setup and registration is from 9-10a. Warning for first gold race is at 11a (silver shortly after). Final race must start by 4p, but if winds are good will end sooner. All details are in NOR. (see links in sidebar)