Diego & Tyler goofing off before race in 2019 Golden Bear Diego & Tyler goofing off before race in 2019 Golden Bear

Golden Bear Regatta Information

  Saturday   Sunday
8:30 Report time & boat rigging 9:00 Regatta report time
10:00 Check-in & Boat Inspection 9:30 Competitors Meeting (Mandatory)
10:00 Competitors Meeting (Mandatory) 10:30 Racing begins
11:00 Racing 3:30 No Start after this time
  (No racing after sunset) 5:00 Awards

PCISA4 Golden Bear at Treasure Island

:bear: Golden Bear Regatta is a travel regatta on Feb 22-23. Golden Bear 2020 marks the first “Big Five” regatta that Sato Sailing is competing within the Gold Division. As a bit of background, Golden Bear is the fourth out of five “Big Five” PCISA regatta events that make up a full season of High School Sailing. It’s also worth noting that each of the “Big Five” events are fleet racing regattas in which a minimum of four sailors compete together as a pair of skippers and crew. Once a sailor has skippered they may not crew. And crew may only switch to another boat a single time. The rules are more stringent than “SoCal” or “club sailing” events with the goal to create a fair competition between teams. Between races teams rotate boats and skipper/crew combination. The format and rules try to create fairness between teams so that boats, or equipment, or specific personnel on a team aren’t favored and ultimately don’t affect results.

PCISA has some of the strongest sailors in the country. This should be a highly competitive regatta for Sato. Read the Notice of Race (NOR) for regatta details. Each year we make the trip to NorCal we have the opportunity to tour UC Cal Berkeley and in years past the sailing team hosts a personal tour as well as an opportunity to practice with them the Friday beforehand.

Wind & Weather

Forecasts call for Moderate Breeze 12-13kts with Fresh Breeze Gusts of 20-21kts on Saturday. Crew, watch for gusts! Sunday should be calmer with Light to Gentle breeze of 5-7kts and Moderate Breeze gusts 10-16kts. Click image above for current conditions.

  • Saturday chilly but sunny. ~54℉.
  • Sunday warmer and sunny at ~58℉.

Weather forecast Click for weather current updates

Spring Sailing Tuition Due (Reminder)

Please remit tuition ASAP if you done so haven’t already.

:moneybag: Details & Tuition Links

Racing Area

Sailors: The Racing Area will be in Clipper Cove, with rotations made from the TISC floating dock unless another area has been designated by the PRO. All boats shall be launched from the TISC ramp. See Sailing Instructions for course information.

Viewing Area

Coaches and spectators can view the racing from the shore west of the TISC gate. No persons shall go onto the rocks between the parking lot and the water for any reason whatsoever. This is not a protestable offense, although disciplinary action by the PCISA Board may result, at their discretion.

Directions to Treasure Island Sailing Center (TISC)

From San Francisco (or points on the west side of San Francisco Bay)
  • Take I-80 East to the Bay Bridge.
  • Treasure Island is a left exit at the end of the San Francisco side span. The exit merges onto the road that runs down the west side of Yerba Buena Island (overlooking San Francisco to the west and Clipper Cove to the east).
  • Continue down the hill until you reach the gate that guards the entrance to Treasure Island.
  • Continue through the gate and take your first right onto California Ave.
  • As you proceed down California, you will see several large buildings on your right. After the last building, turn right on Avenue “I”.
  • Drive straight (south) along the building to the facility.
From Oakland (or points on the east side of San Francisco Bay)
  • Take I-80 west to the Bay Bridge.
  • After the toll booths, merge into the far left lane.
  • The exit for Yerba Buena/Treasure Island is a left exit at the end of the Oakland side span.
  • Follow the exit road around to the west side of Yerba Buena Island.
  • At the stop sign, merge onto the road that takes you down to the gates of Treasure Island.
  • Continue through the gate and take your first right onto California Ave.
Email from PCISA Mike Segerblom (From last year… much of it will be valid in 2020)