SoCal1 Setup at NHYC in 2018 SoCal1 Setup at NHYC in 2018

Socal1 Schedule Overview

Time Details
0830 Event Staff Meeting (Host Club representative, PRO, scorers, registration table staff)
0830 Sato Sailors meet at trailer in NHYC parking lot (map). Kids unload boats and setup.
0900 Boat check-in (get in boat line early)
1000 Onsite registration closes
1000 Competitor’s meeting and Coaches Meeting
1100 First Warning
1600 Deadline for Starting Last Race
1700 Awards (or soon as possible after racing)

Please fill-out and turn-in ABYC Sign-up form handed out at the PArent Meeting at ABYC on Wed 9/11.

Competitors participate in the regattas entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. The team coach/parent/adult is the final authority for each team. The OA & Sato Sailing Club will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.

SoCal1: NHYC

Our first regatta of the season is Saturday Sep 14. Then next is Oct 12-13. Our complete schedule is on our calendar or you can always follow along on PCISA website. We’ve arranged coaching from Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club (CBYC). Be sure to Thank Coach Alex Smith, and McBride parent Aaron Feves, who has helped connect us with a coach for the weekend. Regattas in the future require sign-up commitment much sooner. Regattas in the future require sign-up commitment 2-3 weeks in advance. So also plan to let us know if you’ll be traveling to Sea Otter in Monterrey. (It’s one of the coolest regattas of the year).


  • Regatta at Newport Harbor Yacht Club (NHYC)
  • 8:30 arrival and 9:00am morning call.
  • If parents aren’t attending, they need to coordinate a chaperon/carpool, etc.
  • Still have a question and not sure who to call? Talk to your sailor… ask them to share team roster.
  • It’ll be hot Saturday!
  • Be prepared: Weather appropriate apparel plus: Life jacket, gloves, watch, Weather protection: sun screen, hat, glasses, change of clothes, towel, Sustenance: snacks, water, etc.
  • Note: for each regatta there are links specific to the regatta, such as map. Always check the sidebar links, they change for each event.

NHYC Hosts SoCal1

The SoCal series kicks off at our host Newport Harbor Yacht Club. The SoCal series consists of five events and is geared for new clubs and sailors like Sato Sailing. These events are where we learn to apply sailing skills with racing rules and have fun competing with other Southern California schools.

Are you feeling a little rusty or maybe a little unsure of your skills? Build some confidence and learn more by watching the videos we’ve shared! (link in sidebar)

Regatta Schedule

There’s typically 1-2 Regatta’s per month. One in September. One in October. About half the Regatta’s are one day, the others are full weekends of sailing. Check our calendar (and subscribe to it). The Regatta schedule aligns to Sato school breaks pretty well. More info about how it works coming soon.


In the meantime, be sure you’re ready:

  • Are you signed on the team? Please double check Sign-up (3-steps!)
  • Come prepared to practice
    • Bring a Towel
    • Bring / wear required sailing gear
    • Bring an after-school snack
    • Change of clothes (especially important in winter months)
  • Are you signed up on the carpool? (this also means parents)
  • Let us know if you’re planning to participate in SoCal1 on Friday. Normally we’ll have a sign-up link, but for the first regatta, lets coordinate in person. Check the roster for contact info.

Regatta Coordination: SoCal1

Right now, we need to know who’s planning to attend. More info about the regatta and how the magic happens … coming soon!