All sailing skill levels are encouraged to join! The idea is to have fun and learn lifelong sailing skills in a fun and relaxed environment while also encouraging self improvement.

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How to Join Sato Sailing Club

Please note, this information was based for 2018-19 school year. Prices for 2019-20 may differ. Reach out to us on Sato Sailing Instagram to learn more. ABYC.

Tuition is $700 per semester (Fall & Spring), and is the single biggest expense. New for spring 2019, there is an option for single day practice (Friday’s only) for only $400. The fee covers the cost and maintenance of boats, sails, and towing trailers for away regattas. It also covers the cost for a professional coach for practices, and regattas, plus use of ABYC facilities to review video and have strategy “chalk talks.”

Steps to Join

  1. ABYC: Tuition and Semester Registration
  2. ABYC: Important! Print, Sign & Return: Medical Form & Club Code of Conduct
  3. SATO: Add your info to Club Roster*
  4. SATO: Add your info to Carpooling*

* - Please note these documents are publicly accessible (therefore optional). The goal is easy coordination and sharing of info without a lot of email/texts.

Additional Information

About Sato Sailing

Sato High School Sailing Club started in 2017/18 school year. We participate in a two handed sailing league, which means there are two sailors per boat; one skipper & one crew.

Sailing as a team requires cooperation, and rewards clear communication, strategy, preparation, and learning to anticipate changes. Many elements of engineering are applied in sailing, such as physics, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, and hydro dynamics, etc., and could provide opportunities for hands on exploration. Sailing is an Olympic sport, and many colleges have sailing teams. Our sailors participate in events that colleges attend to recruit High School students.


Sato Sailing participates in the Pacific Coast Interscholastic Sailing Association (PCISA) which is a division of the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA). ISSA is the official governing body of secondary school sailing in the United States, in both independent and public high schools.


Practice, boats, and coaching are hosted locally by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (ABYC) as part of their juniors program. All ABYC coaches are US Sailing Level 1 (minimum), AED, CPR, and First Aid certified. Coaches are there to help your sailor prepare for future regattas.

Sato sailors also get to practice and build camradery with other local teams, such as Long Beach High Schools: Poly, Wilson, as well as Los Alamitos HS, Huntington Beach HS, Marina HS, Home Schooled Sailors and often practice with sailing teams from USC and CSULB!

When & Where

Practice: Wed* & Fri 3:30 – 6:30 (*-two-day) Regattas Are organization races. They optional, but highly encouraged.

  • Five SoCal events (typically on Saturday)
  • Intersectional events – used as qualifier for Nationals (Weekend events)
  • GUARDIANS: Each sailor must have a parent or guardian during event. (Make arrangements with another attending parent if you can’t attend)
  • TOWING: Some parents will need to tow boats to “away” regattas. This duty will likely be divided and coordinated with parents from other local high schools also participating in the program at ABYC.
  • Required Equipment: Click for Apparel


Regattas are racing events. As a team we participate in SoCal and PCISA events. These events require an entry fee for each boat, SoCal events are typically one day events and PCISA regattas are more often two day events. There can also be additional/optional costs paid during event registration for things like meals and regatta products, such as tee shirts. Some away regattas may require overnight travel, and team planning. A parent or guardian is required for each sailor participating in these events.

Coaches will determine who will sail each division at each event. Practice attendance will be taken into consideration as well as commitment and engagement during practices. Coaches will be at both SoCal and PCISA regattas, it is not the responsibility of the coach to watch the sailors for the weekend.

HOWTO: Sign-up a high school sailing team

This info is our history of lessons learned during the creation and organizing of the team. We thought it’d be helpful for the future and new parents (or other high schools) in future years.

  1. Register with ISSA / PCISA
  2. Wait at least 24hrs, then establish a HSS Techscore account. Techscore establishes HS team name, and individual boat/team names used during regattas. It is useful for coaches during a regatta if the team name starts with city of the High School. This has the effect that local schools are grouped, and share similar regatta rotations, and makes it easier to track.
  3. Register for each a regatta per Notice of Race Instructions (NOR)… read the NOR!