Our calendar combines our events, including

  • 🌬️⛵Practice days, typically after school 3-6p
  • 🏆 Regattas / 🏆🛫 Travel Regattas
  • 💡 non-highschool Regattas & Clinics
  • 🎡🏝️🏕️🏖️✈️ Sato Holidays

Sato Sailing Events Calendar is based on :calendar: PCISA Events Schedule, :calendar: Sato Holidays, and Practice schedule at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (ABYC). In addition, we’ve included other 💡 non-highschool sailing regattas and clinics from the :calendar: SCYYRA calendar, with the goal is to help inform and encourage our sailors of additional regattas they could sail.

Add Our Calendar

Add the Sato Sailing calendar to your Google Calendar. It shows up as a separate calendar (different color, that can be toggled on/off) and works with Google Classroom and anyone that uses google calendar. Just click the icon at the bottom right. Alternatively, copy events one at a time by clicking on an event and choose “copy to my calendar.”