Our fall semester ends this month, and we’re about to start spring semester. Here’s a short list of things to be working on as we move forward.

  • $600 Spring Tuition is due (click). ABYC hosts the High School Sailing program. The tuition fee is per semester and covers costs of all shared equipment; boats, sails, rigging, and trailers (for away regattas). The tuition also covers the cost for a professional coach for practices as well as most regattas, plus use of ABYC facilities to review video and have strategy “chalk talks.” All coaches are US Sailing Level 1 (minimum), AED, CPR, and First Aid certified.

  • Fund raising. For fund-raising events, we need family and friend involvement to help spread the word about events. Let’s make it fun! Why Fund raise? It’s a good way to reduce shared costs and pay for optional team products such as custom team regatta pinnies, custom team jackets (useful as mid layers and spirit wear on campus), regatta tent, inflateable furniture, etc.

  • Apparel. Get some layers now! Sailing in local waters is usually warm and beautiful, and this year has been exceptionally warm and dry. But the next 3-4 months will likely bring much colder weather. If sailors are not dressed appropriate for conditions, sailing not only won’t be fun, it could be miserable. See our Gear & Apparel page for details.

  • Cold Weather Regattas. Be prepared for cold water and wind at regattas. Wear a skin tight water wicking base layer, fleece/wool/synthetic mid layer(s), and a waterproof splash jacket. Plus clothing changes!

  • Sailing Improvement. If you’re looking to improve competitiveness at regattas, read a book about sailing racing skills and strategies, or search Youtube for come combination of sailing strategies, howto, tactics, learning, racing, etc. We also have a Youtube sailing playlist.